Welcome to the Mobility Arms Race

armsInvestment managers—welcome to our industry’s version of an arms race, technology-style.

Investment management firms have so far proceeded with caution on mobile technology. Now, their clients and employees are driving change, compelling firms to figure out their mobile strategies and policies. Advisors—you should be the leaders of the race, and we’ll let you in on how to get out front.

Mobile users have redefined what it means to be communicative and efficient. Convenience is their maxim, and tablets are by far their most popular means. Cloud computing is another driver of mobile usage, and is increasingly becoming a logical solution for number of business functions.

Some advisors have begun offering mobility as an option to clients, but those who haven’t risk being sidelined. The right path to mobility begins with a few simple steps:

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website to optimize your firm’s capabilities
  2. Make the choice to be platform inclusive – iOS and Windows devices are popular in the U.S., but globally, the industry has seen the rapid rise and market dominance of business Android users in recent years
  3. Employ the right safeguards to protect your firm’s and clients’ information

Often, security poses the greatest challenge to advisor’s adopting mobile devices. There are a number of obvious tips firms can follow to ensure you are being safe about mobility, such as logging off of any accounts, being smart about which apps you are using, only using secure Wi-Fi networks, and more.

In the age of digital natives, offering mobile capabilities for real-time access of data, portfolios, and reports is a great way to one-up other advisors. Going mobile will help your firm stay ahead of the curve, championing relationships with clients and gearing up for the next big technological shift.

For more information on going mobile, including guidelines for a mobile friendly website and 5 helpful security tips, check out Mobility in Investment Management: Tracking the Trends.

Todd sets the company’s long-term technology and solution vision. It’s his job to make sure our solutions incorporate the best technology innovations to meet our clients’ needs and are easy to adopt, own and use. Follow him on Twitter.

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2014 Ops & Comp Benchmarking Data

Results are in! Select highlights from Advent User Group’s annual Ops and Comp survey will be revealed in an upcoming webinar. Join us on February 5th for more on revenue, compensation, operations, and IT budgeting metrics. Take the opportunity to see where your firm stands in the industry. Register here.


Kendall has leveraged her passion for writing along with her background working with enterprise cloud technologies to strengthen Advent’s external communications.

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In the Spirit of Giving


You know what I really like about this time of year? Aside from all the food, the bowl games, and the goofy sweaters? It’s the spirit of generosity that just becomes pervasive. We may feel it in our hearts the rest of the year, but this is the season when everyone seems to put it into practice.

I always look forward to seeing who will be Time magazine’s “Person of the Year,” and I thought this year’s choice of the Ebola fighters was inspired. These brave and selfless men and women epitomize generosity as few others ever have. You have to admire their determination to do what many said couldn’t be done, and  not be deterred by the personal risk or seemingly overwhelming odds.

These life-and-death struggles put our everyday challenges as a company and an industry into perspective, and I think it’s worth a couple moments to reflect on lessons we can take from their example. It takes a courageous heart and a generous spirit to transcend boundaries and reach remarkable levels of success – as exemplified by not only Ebola fighters, but also many others in 2014 who rose above odds seen as unbeatable. You have to want to do or make something from which others will benefit. It goes without saying that great accomplishments always entail a measure of risk, but those that look beyond it remind us all that nothing is quite impossible.

With this in mind, I’d like to take a look back at 2014.  At Advent, we try to keep the spirit of giving alive all year long in our communities through our Advent in Action program and annual Advent Gives Back Day. This past year, our Jacksonville office collected 34,000 items for a local school supply drive. New York employees volunteered with the Fresh Air Fund, which sends some 1.8 million city kids to summer camp each year.  At AdventConnect in Las Vegas, attendees joined our staff to pack 500 science and math kits for underserved students. Rolling into the holiday season, Advent employees donated over $32,000 to their favorite causes on #GivingTuesday, December 2nd, and the company matched them dollar for dollar.

Heading into 2015, we will continue to give back to the communities where we are fortunate to live and work. Moreover, we will remain committed to devoting our energies to innovations that advance our industry and empower our clients to succeed. We wish all of you and your families a joyous holiday season, and we look forward to an exciting New Year.

As CEO and President of Advent Software, Pete Hess has responsibility for vision, strategy and execution across Advent’s global business. Follow Pete on Twitter.

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