5 benefits of an integrated advisor desktop

According to a Financial Planning survey, the highest-income advisors tend to serve fewer – not more – clients. By having fewer clients, advisors can spend more time with each client to focus on deepening the relationship which creates loyalty and generally increases walletshare. An integrated, client-centered approach is the best way to manage and develop your business. Leading financial advisors manage to this principle with a holistic, efficient technology solution that delivers efficiencies and streamlines operations. Read more ›

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With Syncova, fund administrators have a powerful new way to differentiate their services

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It has long been the bane of buy-side firms — how to understand, manage and accurately account for all the costs associated with their margin, stock borrowing and financing agreements. Fund managers that are able to better control these costs though will see a significant boost to their bottom line.

So any fund administrator that can take on the task and help minimize their clients’ agreement expenses will be delivering a truly value-adding service. And, especially given the performance and fee pressures funds currently face, that is an excellent way for your fund administration offering to stick out from the crowd! Read more ›

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Data aggregation: Part art, part science

Deciphering the metadata

Data aggregation has never been more important than it is today for buy side firms.   Whether you are reconciling back to your counterparties, preparing performance reports for your clients or considering how to meet existing and approaching industry regulations, post-trade data is at the heart of meeting these goals.  Read more ›

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Recap of newest product releases – 17.2


It’s that time of year again – and we’re not talking about holiday cheer, yet! Sticking to our twice-a-year schedule, the second round of 2017 SS&C Advent product enhancements – aka 17.2 – have just been released. These latest releases reflect our commitment to reinvestment in the solutions that are critical to your business. Here are just some of the highlights. Read more ›

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Are asset managers and wealth managers blurring the lines?

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For the last 5 years we’ve been reading a never-ending stream of stories on passive being the better choice over active or the imminent transition of assets from traditional wealth managers to robo advisors.  Although these stories are often a result of media hype, this shift from active management or towards more automated wealth management has had tangible impact on many of SS&C Advent’s clients and resulted in fee compression amongst other challenges like negative or stagnant asset flow. This industry shift has forced many firms to expand their offerings to continue to drive value for their clients.  This has caused operational pain for firms that didn’t have adequate systems in place to handle the new asset, product and client types. Read more ›

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