Recap of the newest releases – 17.1

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17.1 Releases of APX and Geneva: Take a Closer Look

By now, you’re probably aware of the first releases of 2017 to our core solutions. Many of the enhancements included in these updates come directly from conversations with clients or ideas that have surfaced and gained popularity in Advent Community. If you haven’t yet had a first-hand chance to take advantage of the new releases, now is a good time to take a closer look at a few of the highlights:

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Recap: The 2017 Pershing INSITE Conference

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Continuing the industry’s focus on technology to help advisors run a better business, Pershing’s INSITE conference last week in sunny San Diego took that theme to the next level with the launch of its new “Integrated Wealth Experience” initiative.

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The top 4 benefits of CRM software for financial advisors

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Client relationships are the single most valuable asset of an advisory firm. They give the firm a sense of purpose and direction and without them, the business would cease to exist. In today’s ultra-competitive financial landscape, firms that develop and strengthen their client relationships will be the winners.

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Black Diamond momentum key to SS&C Advent’s next chapter

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As I take on a broader role at SS&C Advent and look more deeply at the solutions our Advisory clients use and enjoy, I recognize the gem we have in the Black Diamond wealth platform. We will continue to direct investment, time and people towards this growing platform. Today, Black Diamond serves more than 1,000 firms who advise on more than $600 billion in assets. I know that how well our team operates has a direct correlation to the service our clients provide to their clients. This is a privilege that every team member takes seriously every single day they walk into the office.

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Wealth Management Today: Client relationships take center stage

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The wealth management industry in North America is undergoing a significant transformation. New options such as robo-advisors, increased scrutiny of fees, and evolving compliance requirements are among the many drivers of this change. Financial advisors and their firms need to manage greater complexity in an increasingly fast-paced environment while containing operational costs. But, with change comes opportunity for firms able to quickly adapt to new realities. The successful advisors will deliver exceptional value to their existing clients and attract prospects, while also increasing operational efficiency. Ultimately, the value of advisor-client relationships will determine market value of the entire firm.

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