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ideasWe made a commitment when we launched Advent Direct Community: great member ideas would be worked into future product releases.  I’m happy to report that we’ve now started to fulfill our promise.

The April releases of Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) and Moxy are our first Advent Direct Community-sourced releases.

The ability to automatically sync cost basis with custodians was the #1 most “kudo’d” suggestion from APX clients and we’ve taken this idea and turned it into a new product feature!

Same with Moxy and Advent Rules Manager – we’ve delivered a number of usability enhancements based on feedback from Advent Direct Community discussions, like additional templates for the Rule Guide.

While our conversations with clients have always been key to our product enhancements over the past 30-plus years, this time the ideas were provided directly on Community and developed in an incredibly transparent fashion.

That’s not all we’ve been up to. In the last month, we’ve also released new versions of Geneva, Geneva World Investor, Advent Revenue Center, Advent Rules Manager, Tradex, Syncova, and Tamale RMS. We also rolled out additional capability in our data services platform. And we’ve delivered some great new features.

  • As our clients diversify their lines of business, we are making improvements so Geneva will be a  leading platform supporting firms with any investment, in any structure, in any region.
  • APX delivered a multi-lingual reporting framework to make it easier than ever to serve clients around the world. Our clients need the ability to respond to one of the great market drivers, the continued globalization of wealth.
  • In Moxy, we expanded our partnership with FactSet so that users can leverage their real-time data throughout the system. We are incorporating the best of what the market has to offer – in this case third-party data – to bring more value to our clients.

I can’t stress enough how much we value feedback from our clients.  As long as it keeps coming, we’ll keep listening and, more importantly, acting. This brings me to my last point. This year we also launched the product idea forum for Geneva, and we are currently reviewing all of your ideas as we prepare for the next set of releases.

Check out our “What’s New” page in the Advent Direct Community to see all the latest product enhancements, or learn more about how you can interact on Community here.

Robert joined Advent in 2001 and now leads the US product management and solutions consulting groups, responsible for designing solutions on and around Advent’s award-winning portfolio accounting platforms and ensuring that Advents solutions continue to keep pace with the rapid change in the market.

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