Social Media, Your New Recruiting Tool

recruitingYou know social media helps advisors attract new clients–but did you know it can help firms attract new talent as well? It can be a powerful recruiting tool that also works as a selling point for your firm to attract the next generation of advisors. It shows your firm is forward-looking and planning for the future.

I can anticipate your questions already: How do I get started? Where do I find the right audience? Will it cost me anything? How do I “sell” my company via social media?

Whether you are part of small or large firm, your employees should have up-to-date profiles on LinkedIn. For smaller firms, it’s important to have as many people as possible on LinkedIn to represent the company. Your experts should be your stars—they are the face of your company and potential advisors will associate them with your firm. They should be sharing from their own profiles—the more personal and relatable, the farther the reach across audiences (I’m talking 30-70% more vs. posts from the company page)[1].

Where do you find the right audience? There are a number of cost-free ways to find the next generation of advisors: Meet-ups, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Glassdoor searches and more. There are paid tools as well: LinkedIn Recruiters, LinkedIn Sales Navigators, and Facebook and Twitter ads. All of these tools can expose you to your current clients’ connections as well as new groups of connections.

How do you “sell” your company via social media? You might be starting to mock up the messaging and positioning for your products and services, but let me stop you right there. Talking about your products, services, returns, isn’t a necessity. In fact, it could get you in trouble, so stray from doing so. The next generation, more than ever, wants you to be a part of their community. And if you break into their space, they will trust you and like you more for it.

What exactly do I mean? Your firm’s advisors should humanize themselves—present themselves as being real, approachable and relatable, and as a source of reliable information. They can do this by posting pictures of themselves, and what they’re doing, by talking about events and happenings in the office, and local community activities they’re participating in. Company heads and team leads should share success stories, and recognition of their employees for their hard work in and out of the office.

I encourage you to take a leap of faith and try one of the tactics I’ve mentioned. There’s no harm in trying, something great might come of it (in the form of new talent and what’s not to love about that?). And always remember, content is more engaging when you use images. Don’t miss an opportunity to grab your potential employees’ attention.


See what I did there? If you smiled, my plan worked! So what do you have planned to attract the next generation of advisors to your firm?

For more tips and tricks on Attracting the Next Generation of Advisors, check out our recent webinar with social media experts Joanna Belbey and Phil Gerbyshak of Actiance.

[1] LinkedIn Finance Connect

Miguel Rodriguez leads Advent’s social media program. In his role, Miguel is responsible for Advent’s social presence including TwitterFacebookLinkedInYouTube, and Advent’s blogFollow Miguel on Twitter.


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