Cyber defense: stop, look and think before you click


Profit is the main motivator behind cybercrime, and humans have become the number one target. How can you avoid being the victim of a cyberattack? Find out this year at SS&C Deliver from Lisa McLaughlin, VP Corporate Security, SS&C,  and Bob Bragdon, SVP/Published, CSO,  during their presentation, “Securing the human – The first line of defense.”

Lisa and Bob will highlight techniques fraudsters employ and red flags to watch out for in order to avoid being a victim.

Attend this session to learn about:

  • The threat landscape from social engineering, high tech Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), malware/viruses and vulnerability exploitations.
  • The history perspective and the evolution of phishing!
  • Defense in depth – the best way to protect yourself is to be aware and implement a layered approach.
  • Malicious links – hear specific case studies and metrics on actual breaches that have occurred due to phishing campaigns such as Anthem, RSA, and WannaCry (ransomware)
  • Increasing awareness:

o   How to spot the threats and avoid phishing schemes – can you tell a real link from a fake link? Find out which red flags to look for and discover email security best practices that will help keep you and your organization secure.

o   Symptoms of malware – there are multiple types of malware ranging from copy-cat websites, steeling credentials, taking over your computer, monitoring your emails, to targeting your friends and family. Learn the symptoms of an infected computer so you can react quickly and mitigate the damage.

Register for this session today to not only have the opportunity to learn cyber defense best practices but to also ask the cyber experts, Lisa and Bob, lots of questions!

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