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The shortest and surest route to success lies in maintaining a laser focus on your key aims and skillsets, and not getting sidetracked by anything else. It’s an age-old precept I’ve heard in multiple guises from a variety of experts, and one that can be equally applied to the arts, sports, business – or investment management.

Leave IT to the experts

For Chicago-based Ativo Capital Management, its core focus is on actively investing in global markets for large institutions. That’s where it excels, and can best serve its clients.

Which is why Ativo opted to outsource its technology and back-office operations to SS&C Advent.

The firm switched from a competitor provider to Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX) because it needed a solution with a powerful, multicurrency portfolio accounting engine, GIPS-compliant performance measurement, and custom reporting capabilities. But rather than install the system in its own offices, Ativo preferred the convenience of accessing APX using our cloud delivery option through Advent Outsourcing Services.

The reason was simple. As Patrick Cunningham, Ativo’s Operations Manager, pointed out: “Why would we want to buy a server and maintain updates, patches and backups? We’d rather rely on the Advent team’s expertise. They know the products better than we do. They manage the exact same thing for dozens of clients, and they can manage it much more efficiently than we can.”

Outsource for quality service

The same thinking applies to its operations.

Ativo is using one of our dedicated professional Operational Services teams to provide a range of middle- and back-office functions, including comprehensive daily reconciliations and data management.

So while our experts take care of the mundane tasks, all Ativo needs is a lean in-house operational team, which is now left free to focus on other higher-value activities. As a result, Ativo’s staff can be more productive and focused, while the firm benefits from greater middle- and back-office efficiencies, and less operational risk.

Outsourcing has been such a boon that Cunningham would never go back to an in-house environment. “We can be much more efficient operationally by utilizing Advent Outsourcing Services. We get dedicated daily support and very responsive service,” he says. “For firms that have an operations staff that spends hours reconciling and posting data to accounts, this is really an opportunity for people to retool, to focus on the needs of the organization, and to be more involved in servicing clients.”

Who wouldn’t want that?

To read the client case study click here.

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