Recap of newest product releases – 17.2


It’s that time of year again – and we’re not talking about holiday cheer, yet! Sticking to our twice-a-year schedule, the second round of 2017 SS&C Advent product enhancements – aka 17.2 – have just been released. These latest releases reflect our commitment to reinvestment in the solutions that are critical to your business. Here are just some of the highlights.

Geneva® and Geneva World Investor®: Geneva 17.2 enhancements focused on streamlining workflows, such as automating cash settlement of options, and adding calculation flexibility for swap investments to make counterparty reconciliation easier. We also enhanced the Geneva Enterprise Information Store™, released last year to make data delivery for accounting and reporting easier, to cover a broader set of data at greater scale. For closed-end funds, Geneva World Investor now has more options for subsequent close processes.

Advent Portfolio Exchange®: For APX users, we addressed key global regulatory requirements, with enhancements to protect personally identifiable information under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to increase transparency for MiFID II. Enhancements to the CRM component of APX deliver added flexibility for storing new types of contact relationships for improved accuracy, automation and reporting.

Moxy® and Advent Rules Manager®: We incorporated new regulatory-related improvements in our trading and compliance suite, including the unbundling of research fees from commissions, enhanced timestamps, relevant new fields for MiFIR reporting, and functionality to further facilitate MiFID II compliance. We also added support for FIX 4.4, allowing for expansion of relevant connections as well as expanded integration with TCA providers.  We made additional improvements to suite integration and the user experience. And based on client requests through our online Community, we added functionality for account level notes in Advent Rules Manager to facilitate compliance.

Syncova®: Our margin, financing and collateral management solution received a new rules-based financing mode, providing additional flexibility to calculate and replicate complex prime broker financing terms.  The Syncova Treasury Portal, which provides transparency into key counterparty level activities, now offers web access to custom reports and a new data mining tool, which allows users to create custom data queries on the fly.

Tamale RMS®: A new query tool in our pioneering research management solution allows users to unlock more data and combine data points in a single view within Tamale Web.  Other improvements include dashboards and visualization tools, such as grids and charts that enable users to access the data they need quickly from anywhere. The latest release will be available soon in the iPhone App Store.

Our goal with every release is to make a good thing even better – to help our clients achieve even greater operational efficiency and keep pace with increasingly complex global compliance requirements. If you have not yet taken advantage of these latest enhancements, get in touch with your SS&C Advent representative for more details. And rest assured, we will be back next spring with more.

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