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We Moved!

We started this blog back in April of 2011 kicking it off with a post about compliance in the wake of the financial market meltdown, the Bernie Madoff affair, and the massive 2,300 page Dodd-Frank Act. We’ve come a long way since then, publishing over 500 posts on topics ranging from compliance to technology, advisory and asset management. Thank you for helping us grow this blog and our community of readers. We’ve enjoyed all the conversations that have taken place here over the past seven years.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over two years since we were acquired by SS&C Technologies. Our new home within SS&C kicked off the next stage in our journey. As we have grown together, we’ve decided to move to one central content hub, the newly launched SS&C Blog. The new blog will continue to publish all the great SS&C Advent content you’re used to, alongside the rest of the SS&C.  If you are already a subscriber of this blog, you don’t need to do anything, you will automatically be subscribed to the new blog. If you’re not, we encourage you to hop on over and subscribe today.

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