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Hedge Funds: Who’s the Richest Of Them All?

Can you name the richest hedge fund manager in the world? According to Forbes, there are now 46 billionaires worldwide who made most of their fortunes from hedge fund trading profits and fees. The wealthiest among them has an estimated

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Gaining Momentum or Hitting Headwinds? Jargon Annoys Clients

Every business has its buzzwords, and the advisory business is no different. Jargon can be useful shorthand when two colleagues are talking. But coming from an advisor to an investor, it can be jarring to the ear. Investors want straightforward,

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Banking on the Family Name

In a surprising case of old money meets new wealth, Forbes recently announced their intention to launch a national multi-family office for the first time.  While this move befits the family name long associated with free market capitalism, the decision

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Hedge Funds See Savings in the Cloud

At a time when markets are uncertain and returns range from flat to meager, hedge funds are looking for new ways to cut operational costs, give investors a confidence boost, and open new doors of opportunity. And many funds are

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Trade Compliance Spending on the Rise

According to a recent report by Aite Group, escalating regulatory enforcement will cause trade compliance technology spending to surge 35% in the next three years, from $300 million to over $400 million. The forecast increase is due to a number

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