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Social Media, Your New Recruiting Tool

You know social media helps advisors attract new clients–but did you know it can help firms attract new talent as well? It can be a powerful recruiting tool that also works as a selling point for your firm to attract

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Unlikely Friendship: Social Media and Compliance

Part 1 of 3 in our Social Media series. Social media. The right policy coupled with the right technology can bring significant success to your firm. By knowing the ins and outs of social media, potential risks, and best practices, in

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How Can Your Firm Be Even More Successful?

What are the tips to help your firm grow assets, collaborate more effectively, and improve your operations? That’s a little bit of a trick question – the answers aren’t in this blog post, but you can find them at AdventConnect.

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Gaining Momentum or Hitting Headwinds? Jargon Annoys Clients

Every business has its buzzwords, and the advisory business is no different. Jargon can be useful shorthand when two colleagues are talking. But coming from an advisor to an investor, it can be jarring to the ear. Investors want straightforward,

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