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Building the Black Diamond community one hack at a time

“Listening to clients is the best way to ensure that the technology we are offering is something that solves a problem or fulfills a need,” said Dave Welling Co-General Manager and head of Advisory, SS&C Advent.

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Insights from AdventConnect: Geneva

As part of our 30th anniversary celebration, Advent is hosting a number of client events in EMEA. Late last month, we kicked off our AdventConnect 2013 conference series in Geneva. I enjoyed seeing so many industry experts (clients, speakers, and

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Hedgies Rush to Register with the SEC

We all knew it was coming. Depending on your point of view, you either feared it or cheered it. And now it’s here: Thousands of private fund advisers have registered with the SEC per Dodd-Frank requirements. According to the agency,

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“Found” Money is Real Money

The back office isn’t usually considered a profit center of a money management firm, but with proper collateral and margin management, it can be a big contributor to performance and profits. Without it, the opposite is true – it can

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Applying Olympic Lessons to High Net Worth Individuals

I was watching the Olympics recently, rooting for Sweden as they won the gold in sailing. As sports often do, it got me thinking about teamwork and the importance of communications. To sail ahead of their competitors and win first

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