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Market risk management & analytics: Relationships matter

The negative relationship between stock and bond prices has been a solid portfolio diversifier over the last 20 years. If you go back to 1998, when the “Greenspan Put” was introduced (the attempt of the Federal Reserve Board to boost the securities

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Hedge funds & the 5 major hurdles to effective risk management

Sound risk management. Is there anything more important for a hedge fund these days? Arguably not … especially if you want to achieve sustainable outperformance for the long term, and continue to attract and retain assets and investors.

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World-class technology holds the key to Saudi Arabia’s successful transformation

As we discussed in our previous blog posts (“The transformation of Saudi Arabia” and “IPOs, PIF and PPPs: It All Spells Opportunities for Financial Institutions”), the Saudi government is responding to its over-reliance on hydrocarbons and what has been a

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Things to Know Before the SEC Comes Calling

If you are registered with the SEC or your state securities regulator, expect that one day, you will be examined – and that they will show up when you least expect it. That’s the word from Tim Simons, Senior Managing

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Solvency II – Impacts on Asset and Fund Managers

The Solvency II regime for insurance companies will require firms to disclose their capital and risk frameworks, but also to demonstrate how and where the requirements are embedded in their wider activities. In particular, the specific proposals around asset-based capital

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