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2016 Technology Outlook for Global Insurance Asset Management Now Available

Last week we shared the results of our 2016 Global Insurance Asset Management Technology Outlook. Check out some of the key findings below and be sure to download the full results to have all this valuable data at your fingertips.

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Motor City Goes Broke: Do Not Pass GO

Its recent bankruptcy filing may be good for Detroit, allowing the debt-swamped city to get out from under its financial mess, but it’s not good news for municipal bondholders. Once considered a safe way to generate tax-advantaged income, today muni

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Traders: Brush Up Your Math

For buy-side traders looking to get ahead in the industry, the trading desk has been transformed in recent years to the point where the old rules no longer apply. While trading has always been an extremely quantitative role, new technology

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Research Management: Five Trends for the New Year

Feeling overwhelmed by investment information overload and the compliance risks it entails? Based on what we’ve observed, using technology to save time when searching for information is now critical to front office success. If you’re a portfolio manager, a CIO

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For Advisors and Wealth Managers, What Will the New Year Bring?

Is the global financial crisis behind us? Are high net worth individuals out of the woods, or do new risks lie ahead in 2013? What are advisors and wealth managers doing to increase profitability in this new world of ever-changing

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