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What makes BD3 such an innovative solution for financial advisors?

At SS&C Advent, we take a long look at the needs of the modern advisor because we continually ask ourselves one question: What problems are advisors facing and how can we help?

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Johnson & White Wealth Management – Breakaways with a purpose

Continuing our series of profiling leading advisors who are having success with the Black Diamond Wealth Platform, we had the unique pleasure to recently sit down with the leadership team at Johnson & White Wealth Management (JWWM), based in York,

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Wealth Management in 2021: Are You Ready?

We’ve all heard the sci-fi movie trailers that begin with a somber baritone voice intoning, “Imagine a world…” Well, imagine this one: a world in which Amazon and Google become major players in the wealth management business. Leveraging their enormous

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Wealth Management Today: Client relationships take center stage

The wealth management industry in North America is undergoing a significant transformation. New options such as robo-advisors, increased scrutiny of fees, and evolving compliance requirements are among the many drivers of this change. Financial advisors and their firms need to

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The Case for Social Advisors

The one thing we know to be true about success in wealth management is that success is grounded in relationships. Despite the hype around robo advisors and the big technology disruptions that ebb and flow, people with more complex portfolios

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